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Date: June 22, 2004
"Mudvayne Hits the Studio + Bloodsimple Sign To Bullygoat / Warner Bros. Records"

Mudvayne Hits the Studio:
After 4 months of songwriting and 1 week of pre-production, Mudvayne entered the studio today to begin recording their third studio album with producer Dave Fortman. Stay tuned for updates and clips because you'll be hearing them first.

Bloodsimple Sign To Bullygoat / Warner Bros. Records:
New York based hard rockers Bloodsimple have signed to Bullygoat Records with distribution through Warner Bros Records. Bullygoat Records was founded by Chad Gray. This is the first signing under a new arrangement between the labels. Commenting on Bloodsimple, Gray had this to say, "Last year, Bloodsimple opened for Mudvayne in Philadelphia, and it was there that I first saw them perform. It didn't take long for me to understand that they have the songs, energy, and live performance as well as the ability to captivate an audience."