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song meanings

L.D. 5.0 - LD50  Lethal dosage of 50%: a measure of acute toxicity. The dose of a substance expected to kill half of a group of test animals exposed for a specific period.

1. Monolith - Titled Monolith, after the "brooding alien artifact at the heart of Stanley Kubrick's classic 2001: A Space Odyssey"

2. Dig - "The song is all about change and reflects our sci-fi proclivities to that idea and 2001- so enjoy our monolithic effort"

3. Internal Primates Forever - This song is about being addicted to drugs and how you cant seem to stop no matter what you do and the horrible things the craving for it makes you do

4. -1 - this song is about people who make you feel like less then nothing and actlike your below them

5. Death Blooms - (Kud) "It's a song about my grandmother, because she is on in years she is seen as useless and shunned by other family members."

7. Cradle - (Kud), "This song is about growing up in Illinois." (Kud) "This song is about my bad dad, fuck off dad..."

8. Nothing To Gein - (Spag) Nothing to Gein is about Ed Gein - "Not a serial killer, but a necrophiliac, cannibal, whatever you want to call him - and he had certain things that could be associated with the moon and he did things under the moon light that I think were important to him."

9. Mutatis Mutandis (?)

10. Everything and Nothing - (Kud) "This is a love song, about bad love."

11. Severed - this song is about how you care about someone so much and you want to help them when they are in trouble or something and no matter what you cant help them.
some 'sick clown' sent us this meaning for severed:

Ain Soph Aur. Loose Translation: Ain = "Light" or "Nothing".
Ain Soph = "Limitless Light" or "No Nothing"
EXACT MEANING= infinite light

thought it was a bit strange at the time..

12. Recombinant Resurgence (?)

13. Prod - I see a bunch of space odyssey 2001 written in this song so i believe its about that movie and about how both Hale (the computer) felt

14. Pharmaecopia - This song is about all the drugs that MuDvAyNe does and why they do it and they say in the song how it doesn't matter that they are sedated because they are all ready dead to the world

15. Under My Skin - This is one of those don't fuck with me or I will beat the living shit out of you songs... DON'T FUCK WITH MUDVAYNE!!!

16. (K)now (F)orever - This so is about how some people are wrongfully accused in jail and the real criminals just get to get off free and have people serve their time for them...

17. Lethal Dosage (?)